Interstate Removals It's A Long Road Don't Take Short Cuts

Moving interstate is a bit different from moving across town to another home. There are many additional aspects to in fact, some have said that it can almost be like moving to another country altogether.

Well, that’s certainly not true…. but moving interstate does come with its own set of requirements and it’s important to get those right up front to avoid headache (and heartache) at the end.

Try to find a good removalist to help you with your move. There is no substitute for professional help. I have discovered a remarkable new service at Fernando’s Half Price Removals in Perth. A storage container that is dropped off at your house that you pack yourself. It is then picked up and transported directly to your new house where you unpack it. Saves a lot of time and hassle with transport logistics, and saves you money too.

Fernandos Half Price Removals is a leader in interstate removals, and has prepared the following guide which may help you prepare for your move.

Quarantine regulations

Different states have different rules about permissible goods. For example, did you know that if you’re moving interstate to Queensland from WA, you may not take any citrus, but if you’re moving from New South Wales, you can? Most quarantine rules apply to plant and animal material – and it’s vital to check with the authorities before you pack. Heavy penalties may apply and your interstate mover won’t be liable for will be.

Prepare for the long road

A move interstate generally involves longer distances, which means that your possessions should be packed properly so that they can withstand the bumps and turns of a long journey.

Have a plan B

You’ll obviously choose an interstate furniture removalist company that will hopefully meet all your expectations, but sometimes accidents do happen or transport could take longer than anticipated – so you need to do the following : ensure you have adequate insurance cover and don’t pack any vital documents/items of clothing etc that you may need for an extended period beyond your anticipated arrival date.

Whether its to the next street or interstate, we all dread moving house, and with good reason. It involves a lot of hard work with more than a splash of heavy lifting. Then there’s the planning and organisation, a headache in itself.

But there are ways to make things a little easier on yourself. The trick is to start the process early. Fernando’s Half Price Removals suggests the following pre-move planning steps:

Step One – at least a month prior to the actual moving day.

Plan for your furniture. Will it fit into the new house? Are there any issues involved with moving it in? Is your home on the ground floor? By applying a little thought you can head off disasters before they occur. Change your address with the relevant authorities and redirect your mail. Get rid of as much junk as possible with charities or the good old garage sale. Create an inventory of everything you’re taking.

Most importantly; Check if your insurance covers the move.

Step Two – two weeks before moving.

Remember to disconnect and then reconnect your utilities at the new address. Book a professional cleaner for the old place. Defrost and clean your fridge and freezer the day before you move. The night before the move remember to pack a bag of essentials that will travel with you directly to the new home

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